Steven Robbins

Professor, UTSA

Technical Reports

Experimental Assessment of the Perfect Club Benchmarks on a Cray Y-MP, UTSA-CS-92-102 (1992) (with K. Robbins).

Experimental Assessment of the Optimized Perfect Club Benchmarks on a Cray Y-MP, UTSA-CS-93-102 (1993) (with K. Robbins).

A Microprogramming Animation, CS-95-9 (1995)

Relative Scrollbars, CS-95-10 (1995)

A MIDI Primer for Computer Scientists, CS-95-11 (1995)

Controlling the Korg X5DR Synthesizer from a UNIX Program, CS-95-12 (1995)

Adding Sound to the XTANGO Animator, CS-95-13 (1995)

A Jotsa Example, CS 96-13

The Jotsa Animation Environment, CS 97-3

Jotsa Collections, CS 97-xx


Computer Science Visualization Lab